Hi everyone, my name’s Ja’Nay! Not many of you know my backstory. Let’s go back to 2015. My mom and dad had recently separated. My mom was raising me alone. Back then, we were living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When I was about three years old my mom decided, we were moving to Texas. As I get older, I realize that me leaving Louisiana had to be so hard for my dad. I visit him for spring break, summer, every other Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When it is time to leave, I instantly get sad. But at the same time, I am excited to get back to my mom and my little brother. If you have ever been in this situation, here are a few tips that I find helpful now that I understand more about separation and divorce. Some of what I will discuss has not happened to me personally, but either others I know, or I may have even seen it on television.

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The ABC's of Separation and Divorce

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