The Horror of Riverdale-- Superheroes Johnathon Miles and Ruby Dee along with a group of researchers team up to save the day! Why? A gigantic Red-Spitting Cobra and his Red-Spitting Minions arrive from the sky to take over the village by poisoning the villagers with their venom causing… EXPLODING DIARRHEA??? Join us in this hilarious chase for the anti-venom where it’s raining snakes, elephants save the day, kind of, miscellaneous goats… and a showdown with cheese!? This amazingly ridiculous tale was created by the students of Storyteller Storyseller Young Authors Academy, known as The Mind Writers. We hope you laugh lots and enjoy!

The Revolution-- Granger was the only hope. In a mad rush to stop Professor Edelweiss and his genetically engineered humans from enslaving the world, Granger risked it all, even the Earth. What started as a little experiment conducted by a typical obsessive mad scientist, turned into the humans revolting against super soldiers in a cynical action told from the perspective of a sentient… brick?

ISBN: 978-1-949081-67-1

Publication Date: 11/23/2019

Length: 48 pages

Ages: 7+

The Revolution & The Horror of Riverdale: 2 in 1 Book

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