You've been toying around with writing your story? At some point, you've probably had one or many of these questions floating in your head. Who will read my book? How do I format my book? What are my publishing options? Where can I get my illustrations and cover graphic designs? Who will edit my book?How do I write to industry standard?Where do I register copyrights? How can I register my books as an independent publisher business? How do I format my story line? Where do I market my book?

Do you need the A-Z on writing your book from concept creation to manuscript completion? Tired of aimlessly searching on how to self- publish? The Workbook walks you through the entire process from getting your ideas from out of your head and onto paper to create a business for your published works! What's stopping you from taking the first step on becoming a future bestseller?

ISBN: 978-1-949081-40-4

Publication Date: 05/08/2019

Length: 50 pages

Ages: 8+

Writing and Publishing for Beginners Workbook (Storytellers Storysellers)

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